Grouting Sealing Cleaning and Restoration of Ceramic Tiled Floor in Dubai

Our company was asked to restore the surface appearance of this Ceramic tiled floor installed in a kitchen in Dubai which over a few years had become difficult to keep clean and the grout lines had become stained, discoloured and looked very old.

grouting sealing cleaning and restoration of ceramic tiled floor in dubaiGrouting Cleaning and Restoration of Ceramic Tiled Floor

Our first task on the day was to clean the floor Ceramic tiles and Grout so we created a diluted mixture by mixing 2 different chemicals. the two products combine to provide a very powerful tile friendly alkaline cleaner with tiny sized abrasive particles. This was left to soak into the tile and grout before being agitated and scrubbed with a scrubbing machine and handy scrappers running on low speed. We also used stiff grout hand brushes along the grout lines. Once we were happy with the overall condition of the tile and grout it was washed down using normal clean water and the resultant soiled solution extracted from the floor using a wet vacuum. I am very happy to say that using this method we were able to return the tile and grout back to its original condition and colour. now the floor of ceramic tiles was fully restored.
Whilst this was a fantastic transformation the grout lines being porous would untreated soon become dirty and discoloured. The only solution of this problem is a permanent colour seal to the grout lines which not only helps the future floor cleaning, but improves the whole appearance of the floor and make is beautiful for a long time.

Applying the Grout Colour

Before applying a Grout Colour it’s very important to ensure the grout is clean of grease, dust and dirt naturally we had just cleaned this floor so this was not a problem I only mention it in case you were considering taking on a similar task yourself.

Once the grout has dried we started to applying the colourant which was a relatively straightforward process of squeezing the product onto a toothbrush and running it onto the grout. Don’t be tempted to use an old toothbrush for this purpose as it may contaminate the colourant leading to discolouration in the finish.

We completed the project the next day using an Aqua Mix sand coloured Grout Colourant; the customer was extremely pleased and commented how whole clean and efficient the process was.

grouting sealing cleaning and restoration of ceramic tiled floor in dubai