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Marble Polishing Abu Dhabi

Marble Polishing Abu Dhab

Check out the snapshots below from one of marble polishing Abu Dhabi Floor Care recent job. you will see both pictures before treatment and after after treatment pictures.  When we undertake a Marble floor polishing job there are many steps, in the pictures below you will see how we have taken the ugly marble floor […]

Marble Grinding

Marble Grinding The polished marble floor is widely treasured for its beautiful marbled pattern and the many varying hues. A polished marble floor creates an elegant atmosphere and with the proper treatment a polished marble floor keeps its luster for many years. Method for marble floor As for every type of floor, a method has […]

Marble Honing

Marble Honing To create a honed surface means to leave it smooth and flat with a matte finish. This is achieved in few different ways. A marble which is being diamond grinded and having lippage removed will eventually show a honed finish as the medium resin grades of diamond are used. At this stage a […]

Marble Diamond Abrasive Grinding

Marble Diamond Abrasive Grinding This is a process in which the floor is grinded with a heavy rotary machine which has diamond pads attached to it. Special diamonds are used because they have a rating of 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Removing lippage The point where tiles meet at the grout line is usually […]

Floor Marble Polishing Services Dubai

Different marble require different procedures in order to restore them to a factory finish or to cure an undesired pre-existing problem. It is very common for marble companies in the industry to receive requests from customers who want their floor, wall, marble, tiles, travertine, stone, granite, terrazzo or other natural stone to be cleaned when […]